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Magnetic Rectifiers


Welding Power sources designed for dc output. Used for Stick (MMAW) welding and TIG (GTAW) welding.


  • (MMAW) General Fabrication, Repair, Maintenance, Structural Steelwork, Process Plant, Shipbuilding etc.
  • (GTAW) Suitable for use in mechanized and automated equipment, Automobile, Aerospace, Power generation, Chemical Plant Equipment, Nuclear Plants, Food processing machinery etc.


  • Optimised design of transductor ensures smooth & steady arc with minimum spatter.
  • Full wave silicon rectifier with excellent welding characteristics.
  • High open circuit voltage to accommodate easy arc striking of wide variety of welding electrode.
  • High quality CRGO laminations ensure very low idle power consumption.
  • Fully copper wound with near perfect design ensures low energy consumption with trouble free service life.
  • Robust design with powder coated chassis ensures long life in site conditions also.
  • Easily adaptable for TIG or Plasma application with necessary Add-Ons.


MODEL BTH  300 BTH  400 BTH 600
INPUT ( ±10%) Supply Voltage 415/440 V, AC 415/440 V, AC 415/440 V, AC
Phase/ Frequency 3 - Phase, 50Hz 3 - Phase, 50Hz 3 - Phase, 50Hz
Type of Cooling Forced Air Forced Air Forced Air
Insulation Class F/H F/H F/H   '
Primary Current Max. Rated - Single Operator 22 Amps 28 Amps 44 Amps
At Max. Rated KVA- Single Operator 16.5 20 34
Input Cable Section - Single Operator (Cu) 10 mm2 10 mm2 16 mm2
Open Circuit Voltage (Max.) 75 - 85V 75 - 85V 75 - 85V
Welding Cable 50 mm2 50 mm2 95 mm2
Range 5 - 300 Amps 5 - 400 Amps 5-600 Amps
Protection Class IP 23 IP 23 IP 23
Overload Protection Thermal Thermal Thermal
Max. cont. hand weld current at 60% duty cycle 300 Amps 400 Amps 600 Amps
Max. cont. auto, weld current at 100% duty cycle   300 Amps 400 Amps.
(Approx.) Weight 155 Kg. 160 Kg. 270 Kg.