Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Air Plasma Cutting

Product Profile :

Air when heated upto 30000’c undergoes ionic change and reaches the fourth state of matter. namely Plasma Instead of expensive Argon or Nitrogen gas only air is used for cutting and cooling which ensures high economy. The cutting speed achieved ensures high productivity.

Operating cost of air plasma is very low.

  • It avoids distortion and gives fine cut finish.
  • Very little post cutting operation is required
  • Metal wastage is minimised.
  • Job does not get over heated as compared to any other conventional methods.


Air plasma can be used to cut the following metals :

Mild Steel Stainless Steel Carbon and Alloy steel Aluminum and its alloys Copper Casting Bronze and Brass Manganese Steel ‘Special Alloys, Etc.


  • Conventional rectifier based air plasma metal cutting machines.
  • TPower source is of full bridge rectifier design with three diode modules (isolated body) mounted on
    single heat sink.
  • Power source has total safety and capability to work on generator and tolerating generator power
    surges and fluctuations.
  • Input supply indication.
  • High input supply voltage range
  • High temperature protection with indication.
  • Low air pressure cut off mechanism with indication.
  • Superior cutting quality.
  • High open circuit voltage for good arc striking.
  • Efficiency of power source is more than 60%.
  • 100% duty cycle at full cutting current for hand cutting operation.
  • Fiber glass coated insulated transformer windings.
  • CRGO transformer lamination.
  • Forced air cooled transformer design.
  • All PCB’s are coated with strong insulation to protect them against humidity, moisture and metallic dust.
  • Compact and light weight design and good layout for easy servicing.
  • The machine supports the cutting torch cable of 30 mtrs. without compromising on cut quality and
    capacity in all types of cutting modes.
  • The torch is capable of doing underwater cutting as well as cutting under the spray of water jet.
  • Options of light-weight air cooled hand operated or machine operated plasma cutting torch.
  • Power source has unique feature for cutting with pilot arc cutting.
  • Pilot arc ensures main arc striking on rusty and coated surfaces.
  • The power source is of INDIAN origin.

Quality epoxy powder coating for longer lasting effect.

Model No.Plasma 40Plasma 50
Primary Voltage380-440 volts A/C, 3 phase, 50 Hz380-440 voltsA/C, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Secondary Voltage260-280 volts260-280 volts
Line Current69 amps75 amps
Arc Current135 amps155 amps
Q.C.V. (No Load)320 – 350 V DC320 – 350 V DC
Power Rating48 KVA52.5 KVA
InsulationF ClassF Class
Duty Cycle100%AT Full Load Current of 135 Amp100% at full load current of 150 Amp
Cutting Capacity For SS Clean Cut For SS Parting Cut45mm
For SS clean cut40 mm50 mm
For SS parting cut45 mm55 mm
CoolingForced air cooledForced air cooled
Class of ProtectionIP 23IP 23
Gas supplyClean, dry, oil free airClean, dry, oil free air
Flow pressure70 psi (4.8) bar at 11 cfm70 psi (4.8) bar at 11 cfm
Dimensions (L. W. H.) 1085 mm. 680 mm. 805 mm.1085 mm. 680 mm. 805 mm
Weight360 kg. approx370 kg. approx

Model No.Plasma 10Plasma 16Plasma 30
Input supply415 volts A/C, 3 phase, 50 Hz415 volts A/C, 3 phase, 50 Hz415 volts A/C, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Operating supply voltage range380 volts A/C to 460 volts A/C380 volts A/C to 460 volts A/C380 volts A/C to 460 volts A/C
Input power23.4 KVA at 60 amps.28.9 KVA at 80- amps37.82 KVA at 105 amps.
Cutting current60 amps. dc80 amps. dc105 amps. dc
Cutting current control No controlNo control.No control.
Open circuit voltage
At 415 volts input350 volts dc350 volts dc350 volts dc
Duty cycle @ 40 deg. cel. amb90% at 60 amps90% at 80 amps.90% at 105 amps
Pilot arc ignition

Built in high frequency/td>

Built in high frequencyBuilt in high frequency
Class of insulation

F class/td>

F classF class
Class of protection

IP 23/td>

IP 23IP 23

Forced air cooled/td>

Forced air cooledForced air cooled
Cutting capacity
SS clean cut 10 mm.16 mm.30 mm.
Max. rough cut16 mm.20 mm.40 mm.
Gas supplyClean, dry, oil free airClean, dry, oil free airClean, dry, oil free air
Flow pressure70 psi (4.8) bar at 11 cfm70 psi (4.8) bar at 11 cfm70 psi (4.8) bar at 11 cfm
Dimensions (L. W. H.)910 mm. 475 mm. 755 mm910 mm. 475 mm. 755 mm910 mm. 475 mm. 755 mm
Weight150 kg. approx.160 kg. approx.190 kg. approx


The above specification are subject to continuours Research and Development works undertaken,
hence the company reserves the right to change them without prior notice.

We undertake repairs of all types of welding machine (any make & any capacity)